Religious Education Volunteer Opportunities

Religious Education Volunteer Opportunities

Top Reasons to Become a Catechist

You will grow in your own faith, learn the teachings of the Church, and deepen your relationship with Jesus.

Your Baptism calls you to share in Jesus’ ministry.

Children, teens, and adults in today’s world, more than ever, need to hear the Good News of Jesus.

Children, teens, and adults in today’s world, more than ever, need to encounter good role models of faith.

You have much to share with those you’ll teach, and you’ll have opportunities to share faith with other catechists.

Today’s catechetical textbooks/resources offer outstanding support.

You’ll be challenged, you’ll have fun, and you’ll make new friends.

You’ll be helping people deepen their relationship with Jesus. (You’ll be evangelizing!)

You’ll be handing on a 2000-year-old Tradition that changes lives.

It’s our job: Jesus sent us to “go and teach all nations.”

(Taken from Joe Paprocki, National Consultant for Faith Formation at Loyola Press)

If you feel that God may be calling you to serve in this ministry, please email Michelle at or call the Religious Education Office at 732-758-8568.
Please note that we will only be able to offer in person classes if we have enough catechists.
Thank you.
God bless,
Michelle Angelo
Religious Education Coordinator

Descriptions of Volunteer Opportunities

Serve at the monthly Sunday Family Program which takes place following the 10 AM Mass and concludes at 12:15 PM
Group Leaders/Catechist-. The responsibilities would include assisting families during the large session gatherings and for teaching a grade level during breakout sessions. Materials and training provided.
Aide-Assist in grade level classrooms. Teens are welcome to serve in this role.
Tech Ministry-Assist with technology at the family sessions (Videos/PowerPoint/etc..) Teens are welcome to serve in this role.
Check in-Check in families registered for the program before the 10 AM Mass.
PRE-K-Assist with our pre-school program which will also serve as childcare for families with children younger than 6.
Meal Prep Coordinator/Volunteers- Assist with picking up food/drinks as well as setting up/cleaning up during monthly sessions.

Sundays 1:15 PM-3:00 PM (once a month)
Catechist-Responsible for leading/facilitating a group of Confirmation candidates using the Decision Point (Dynamic Catholic) curriculum. This consists of showing short videos and leading small group/large group discussions. Lesson plans and training are included.
Aides-assisting the catechist in the classroom. Older teens are welcome to serve in this role.
Meal/Snack Coordinator-responsible for picking up/setting up pizza and/or snacks in the classrooms. (We are waiting for new guidelines to see if we are allowed to serve food in classrooms).

Wednesdays 4:30 PM-5:45 PM (twice a month)
Catechist-Responsible for leading/facilitating a group of second graders using the Blessed First Reconciliation/First Eucharist (Dynamic Catholic) curriculum. This consists of short videos followed by group discussions/activities.
AIDE-assisting catechist in the classroom. Teen volunteers are welcome to serve in this role.

Sundays during the 10 AM Mass
(Children attend after the Mass opening prayer and return following the Prayer of the Faithful)

Leader-responsible for teaching children about the Sunday readings/Gospel using child friendly language/activities. Training and materials are provided.
Readers/Aides-Responsible for reading the Sunday Mass readings during CLOW using the Children’s Lectionary. Assist in chapel while leader presents material.

Catechist-Responsible for encouraging/guiding/following up with parents on progress of child’s formation at home as well as checking homework submissions. (NO LIVE CLASSES) Classes run from Oct-May.